Here is an interesting article about the current state of manufacturing jobs. Well worth a few minutes to have a look at.

This is an article with some good information for job seekers. Usually, the reasons that a person is not considered for a position are never made available to the candidate.  This article provide some insight. 6 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

Knowing just what to ask during an interview with a prospective candidate is not an art, it’s a science. You should interview all candidates from a master list of questions, take good notes, and be objective. But what questions are “good” questions, you ask. If your goal is to get the candidate talking, to find […]

To follow are some helpful tips when interviewing for any position.  The way you prepare for an interview can give you a huge advantage.  The reality is it is not necessarily the person who has the most experience that gets the job. The person that will draw an offer will be the person who interviews […]