FAQ – Clients

Why should a Client choose to do business with Rock Coast Personnel?
We’ve been in the staffing business for twenty-five years.  Rock Coast Personnel’s sole focus is helping firms fill their job vacancies.  This focus gives us a better understanding of our Client’s needs as well as those of potential Candidates.  Rock Coast Personnel is always looking to increase our database of Candidates, ensuring the largest population of such individuals to draw from to find the best Candidate to fill a Client’s needs.  And our success is, and has been, solely determined by our ability to meet Client’s expectations.

What type of positions does Rock Coast Personnel handle?
Rock Coast Personnel handles the placement of professional and light industrial candidates into temp-to-hire, interim, or direct hire positions.

What types of recruitment arrangements does Rock Coast Personnel provide?
Depending on the client’s needs and requirements, Rock Coast Personnel will work on a contingency or on a retainer basis. If you are interested in discussing these options and their differences, please contact us.  We will explore any opportunities and develop an approach that best matches the needs of our clients.

How do you generate potential Candidates to fill a Client’s needs?
Rock Coast Personnel is constantly expanding its database through a proprietary process of candidate generation.  We also rely on networking with past candidates who have been successfully placed by Rock Coast Personnel to refer and recommend potential Candidates to us.

Do you meet with your candidates in person before recommending them to a Client?
Yes. We do this because there is no better way to explore the Candidate’s relevant experience and qualifications and to ascertain the Candidate’s professionalism and personality traits.  In certain circumstances, an in-person interview may not be feasible due to travel expenses, scheduling conflicts, etc.  In such cases, Rock Coast Personnel will inform the Client of the issue(s) and work with the Client to resolve the situation in a manner that meets the Client’s approval.

Do you check the references of your candidates? When?
Yes.  We prefer to check references prior to Rock Coast Personnel’s interview of a Candidate.  In such cases when the Candidate does not want to provide references until his/her interview with Rock Coast Personnel, Rock Coast Personnel will check those references immediately after the successful completion of our interviewing process.

How long does it take to fill a Client’s position?
The time frame of any given placement process depends on multiple factors, including the position’s requirements, Client’s needs and the prevalent market for the type of Candidate desired. Rock Coast Personnel will be able to give you a better estimate of the expected placement time frame after meeting with the Client, and be assured that Rock Coast Personnel keeps its Clients consistently informed of the progress of the placement throughout the process.

How does a Client start working with Rock Coast Personnel?
1) We meet with you, to discuss your immediate and long-term recruitment needs and to understand your culture.

2)     We generate a proposal for your approval addressing your unique requirements and desires.

3)     Upon your approval of that contract, we begin the placement process.

FAQ – Candidates

Why should a Candidate choose to register with Rock Coast Personnel?
Rock Coast Personnel’s sole focus is helping local firms fill their job vacancies. This focus gives Rock Coast Personnel a better understanding of our Client’s needs as well as those of potential Candidates. Rock Coast Personnel’s broad database of Candidates ensures that we get quality job listings from the region’s top employers. Registering with Rock Coast Personnel gives you access to those positions, access that you might not otherwise have.
If I register with Rock Coast Personnel, is my information kept confidential?
Yes, absolutely. We never share identifiable information with any client prior to discussing the opportunity with you, the candidate. We will only share your information once you decide that you have interest in the position being discussed and once you give us permission to share information with the client.
What type of positions does Rock Coast Personnel handle?
Rock Coast Personnel handles a variety of positions and a variety of placement types. We place Candidates with Clients that are looking for clerical, light production and professional employees. Rock Coast works with Clients that are looking for: permanent employees, both in a Direct Hire and a Temporary-to-Hire basis capacity; temporary employees, such as to meet a project deadline or to handle seasonal needs; and, Executive Placements, for Clients that are seeking to fill high level management positions.
Do I need specific qualifications to register with Rock Coast Personnel?
No. Obviously, past experience and knowledge, skills and abilities have an impact on a Candidate being placed in a specific position, but we have Clients looking for all types of employees. What is required is a good work ethic and a commitment to meeting the demands of a position to the best of your ability.
How many years of experience is required?
No set level of experience is required to register with Rock Coast Personnel. It depends upon the position, and the employer’s needs. Some of our positions require no experience, while other, senior level positions may require 10-20 years of employment experience. Again, if a Candidate has a good attitude and work ethic, we can likely find them an appropriate position with one of our Clients.
Do I need to provide references?
Not to register with Rock Coast Personnel. We understand that you may not be comfortable with providing references and/or having Rock Coast Personnel contact references at this stage of our relationship. If you have interest in a specific job opening listed by Rock Coast Personnel, you may need to provide references before Rock Coast Personnel will attempt to place you with a Client, but we will let you know if / when reference are needed.
Does registering, responding to job postings, or being placed in a position cost the Candidate any money?
No. Our fees are paid by our Clients when we are successful in placing a Candidate in an open position.