Temporary help is one of the most common and highly used staffing services by businesses today. It is an effective way for employers like you to meet the demands brought about by special projects, vacations, leaves of absences or temporary surges in business.

Rock Coast Personnel will assume the responsibility of the entire screening process including interviewing and testing (where appropriate). We will only provide you with qualified and skilled employees that meet your high standards and ours. The length of the temporary service is for as long or as short as your need dictates.

Temporary to Hire

We assume responsibility for the entire screening process. In addition, we will assume the responsibility of payroll, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, evaluation and quality assurance. We maintain the employee on Rock Coast Personnel’s payroll until you have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the prospective employee’s performance prior to extending an offer. The schedule of this service is typically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Payroll Service

This service is offered to those employers who have already chosen a candidate they want to employ, but for some business reason are not able to put the employee on their payroll. This is a popular service for those companies facing a hiring freeze, or need temporary help but would like it filled with their own candidate. All employee payroll expenses and insurance coverage as stated above are our responsibility during the term of this agreement. The length of this service is determined by you and could end with a direct hire by you or a termination of the employee’s services.