Rock Coast Personnel is a Maine owned and operated staffing and recruiting firm. Rock Coast Personnel is located in the heart of Portland, Maine and places employees in businesses from the southernmost point of Maine to the Augusta area. Rock Coast Personnel’s mission is to bring the best qualified people and companies together, and our intent is to make those we work with, be they our placed employees, or our corporate clients, succeed.

Since 2002, when it was purchased by current owner David Bartholomew, Rock Coast Personnel has been one of the Greater Portland region’s top employment placement service providers. The business itself, founded as Bayside Personnel in 1986, has been providing temporary placement and direct hire employees in the Greater Portland region for more than 30 years.

Rock Coast Personnel serves as a single point of contact for candidates looking for a variety of employment relationships across a wide variety of positions and industries. By working with Rock Coast Personnel, you reach dozens of potential employers with hundreds of open positions – without having to find research and apply for each job individually. In addition, Rock Coast Personnel has close working relationships with all of our corporate clients, some who only hire through us, which you get the benefit of by working with us. Rock Coast Personnel has worked with many of Maine’s most prominent businesses to meet those companies’ personnel requirements, from single direct-hire placements of executive level candidates, to staffing dozens of employees for time critical projects, to serving as an on-going recruiting department for the business, and even to directing the development of a major utility company’s expansion into Maine – filling over 80 positions, including its President, and supplementing the company’s Human Resources functions until the business was fully staffed and running.

Job seekers that work with Rock Coast Personnel are able to gain the benefit of critical knowledge, skills and abilities that we use to your advantage in helping you find the right job for you. Those factors include: a team of highly skilled personnel professionals, with well over 50 years of combined experience in the staffing industry in Maine; a state of the art candidate tracking system to manage the numerous open positions we are looking to fill at any given time, providing us with the ability to place candidates in the position that best matches their strengths; a sterling reputation with our employer clients, for providing quality employees in a timely manner, ensuring that they give our candidates their attention in the hiring process; a central and easily accessible Portland location, allowing ready access for our employees and candidates via public transportation; and a proven ability to help you create resumes and prepare for interviews, to ensure your best possible chance for success in landing your next position and advancing your career. In addition, Rock Coast Personnel has established relationships with a large number of employers, and is continuously developing, meeting, and securing additional employers to expand that base of clients. These highly desirable places of employment are often not advertising their open positions, and our association with these businesses allows Rock Coast Personnel to have the utmost confidence that we will be able to find you the best possible job.

You can expect Rock Coast Personnel to treat you as a partner in helping to find you an appropriate and fulfilling job. Rock Coast Personnel’s team values you as a person and as an employee, and we understand that without good candidates, we will not be successful. We will take the time to know your strengths and preferences, to better understand your motivations so we can locate the right job for you, a job that will meet both your immediate needs and your long term goals. Finally, we will provide you with guidance, based on Rock Coast Personnel’s extensive knowledge of the local workforce and jobs environment, as to how you might be better able to position yourself to get the job you’ve always wanted.

The business principles of Rock Coast Personnel are simple and clear:

Our business is based on honesty and integrity leading to the formation of long term professional relationships.
We conduct each staffing search with a sincere commitment and in a strong ethical manner.
Our goal is to provide the best possible opportunities for our clients and candidates alike.

Rock Coast Personnel provides various types of employment arrangements to our clients, covering a variety of job positions and types.

Position Types

For all types of positions, Rock Coast Personnel will conduct Work Reference Verification, with at least two work references, including dates of employment, job titles, and eligibility for rehire. Rock Coast Personnel might also conduct job specific testing and/or record searches depending on the requirements as set by the employer. All of these services bring credibility not only to us, but also to you, our candidate – ensuring that employers are confident that you meet their preliminary standards before you ever walk in the door.

Temporary –

Temporary help is one of the most common and highly used staffing services by businesses today. It is an effective way for employers to meet the demands brought about by special projects, vacations, leaves of absences or temporary surges in business. Temporary positions can be a very good way to start a relationship with an employer, as well as to build your experience, skills and resume. Due to the nature of the position, these jobs are almost never advertised on job boards, classifieds, etc., directly by the business, the only way to be aware of or apply to these jobs is to work with an employment placement service such as Rock Coast Personnel. The length of the temporary service is for as long or as short as your or the company’s need dictates. We will do our best to give you as much advance notice as we can regarding any changes or project completion dates.

Temporary-to- Hire –

Many employers are in a position of needing help but feel more comfortable having the time to evaluate a candidate as an employee before a full time regular position is offered. Rock Coast Personnel offers this Temporary-to-Hire service to employers, limiting their risk and therefore, encouraging them to create and fill the position. As described above, these jobs are almost never advertised on job boards, classifieds, etc., directly by the business. You will be maintained as an employee of Rock Coast Personnel until the business decides to extend an offer of employment. The schedule of this service is typically tailored to the needs of our clients. It is also an opportunity to allow you to evaluate the employer and make a decision whether or not you would like to be hired on as their employee.

For all positions listed above, Rock Coast Personnel offers

Weekly paycheck delivery, delivering employee paychecks directly to your job site every Friday morning. Alternatively, checks will be mailed directly to you or will be made available for pick-up at our office.
Employee Evaluations may be conducted as often as monthly, depending on the employer’s preferences. This feedback is a great way for employees to ensure they are providing their best effort in their position, increasing the chance you will be hired on, and is a great way of adding to your employment profile.

Direct Hire –

Employers who know they need to fill a critical position, but don’t have the time or expertise to conduct a candidate search often choose a Direct Hire arrangement. Similar to other position types, Rock Coast Personnel serves as the employer’s in house recruiting department – handling all aspects of finding and presenting candidates to the employer for a hiring decision. However, if the employer decides that you are the right person for the job, the employer will then hire you immediately. In such circumstances, Rock Coast Personnel fully stands behind every one of our candidates in the following ways:

Our client option guarantee insures that clients have the opportunity to evaluate the candidate in their own work environment.
Rock Coast Personnel also performs several employee evaluations during the guarantee period to make sure that both client and candidate are pleased with their decision.
We also do our best to remain in touch with our clients to maximize our understanding of current and anticipated needs. By keeping open these lines of communication, we are better able to understand the true, often difficult to articulate, concerns of our candidates and clients.
These assurances, which clients do not get when they fill a position on their own, are another way Rock Coast Personnel encourages employers to consider and to hire our candidates.

Positions Filled

Executive Placement

President / Vice President
Director / Manager


Accounts Payable
Public and Private Accountants
Full Charge Bookkeepers
Finance Officers
Staff Accountants
Office Support
Data Entry
Executive Assistants
Medical Office Support
Legal Secretaries
Administrative Assistants
File Clerks
Switchboard Operators
Medical Secretaries
Call Center Staff
Inside Sales
Outside Sales
Sales Management
Marketing Reps
Customer Service Reps
Light Industrial
General Warehouse
Machine Operators
Kit Builders
Foreman Positions